Hajj and Umrah Packages from Toronto

Hajj and Umrah Packages from Toronto and how they approach the pilgrimage

The fifth pillar of Islam is to make a pilgrimage to Mecca in the Middle Eastern country of Saudi Arabia. This famous and holy pilgrimage is defined as Hajj. It is being said in the Quran that that in a life time, a Muslim should pay a visit to this hallowed destination and attain salvation. It is being said that this pillar is obligatory for every Muslim, male or female provided that he or she is physically and financially able to do so.

The prerequisites for performing the Hajj are to be a Muslim, to be free, to be an adult or mature enough, to be of sound mind and then to have the ability to afford the journey and maintain one’s dependents back home for the duration. It is being said the reward for Hajj is like kissing the door step of paradise.

When the pilgrimage takes place

The pilgrimage occurs from 8th to 13th day of the 12th month in the Islamic calendar. The Islamic calendar is eleven days shorter than the Georgian calendar which is being used in the western world. The Gregorian date of the Hajj is eleven days earlier from year to year.

Valiant hobs being done by the travel agents

For over the years several travel organizations around the oblate spheroid has had the honour and privilege of safely transporting and serving Muslims on the auspicious journey in performing Hajj. The sole purpose of these travel agents has always been to serve the invited guest as it is being said by individuals providing vacation packages.

Procurement of the visas

Procurement of the Visa for Hajj pilgrims is yet another important functional area of travel agents. The pilgrims are completely assured of proper lodging by these travel agents. This is among the most difficult task as the taste and preference differ from one traveler to another. The rooms are being arranged mostly on sharing basis. If requested separate rooms might also be allocated.

Ultimate Umrah Packages from Toronto – Go for Salvation

Religion helps us to maintain discipline, attain salvation and encourages us to do great things for the betterment of the society and your own soul itself. Hence, people visit religious places to offer prays to the supreme Lord so that peace prevails everywhere. Now, if you are a follower of Islam and have done all social responsibilities to your family, then you can always go for Umrah, where you can pray to God (Allah) to bring peace and tranquility to your life, soul and to the society at large.

Royale Canadian Tours offers special Umrah packages from Toronto for all residents living in and around the city so that they can fulfill their dreams to be there at Mecca and be a part of the grand Umrah celebrations. This is really important that you maintain purity and complete your journey with complete peace of mind. Hence, we have come up with packages just to fit your budget.

We understand there are certain prerequisites for performing Umrah. Here are some of them:

o   You have to be an adult

o   You are financially stable to support your family and finance the entire tour

o   You have the mental stability to complete the journey

o   You are physically fit to withstand the long hectic journey

Once you clear all these parameters, we will book your tickets to Mecca and let you enjoy your Umrah journey so that you get the divine blessings from your supreme Lord – Allah.

In our Umrah packages from Toronto, we not only help in booking tickets to Mecca at cheap rates but also help in getting VISAs easily so that you don’t have to run here and there to get permission. So, if you are in Toronto and are done with all basic social responsibilities, just visit our office and learn about the formalities to visit Mecca. Our tickets include all taxes and fees subject to availability of seats. Hurry up! Come and grab the exciting offers to make your tour successful without burning your pocket. We do conduct health check-ups before booking tickets. Oh yes! Don’t worry about accommodation. We comprehend that you have to maintain complete hygiene and peace while you stay in Mecca. Hence, all rooms that we provide are nicely embellished with basic amenities so that you don’t face problems while you stay there. You can go for private rooms or share rooms to save your cost. Choice is completely yours.